Ipod shuffle – not podcasts friendly

Today I finally decided to get a small Ipod shuffle. I already have a portable RCA mp3 player that I use at the gym but I wanted something that fully manage my podcasts automatically. By that, I mean that it will remove the podcasts that I have listened to and sync the new one as soon as they are available. After playing with ITunes 7 and doing some searches, it looked like the perfect solution. I went to costco grabbed the last Shuffle on the shelf and headed back home. First thing I did was to copy my poscasts onto it. It worked but something was wrong. There was no option to sync them. The option is in the PODCASTS tab when you click on the Ipod button. Wait, there is no Podcasts tab. I’ve searched into the manual and it says : If you have an iPod shuffle, iTunes-enabled mobile phone, or third-party music player, you can only load podcasts onto it manually. For other iPod models, you can set up iTunes to automatically load podcasts onto your iPod when you connect it.

I think I will bring it back where it came.

The only thing I bought it for, isn’t supported. Will I buy a nano? probably not.


~ by lucraymond on December 7, 2006.

6 Responses to “Ipod shuffle – not podcasts friendly”

  1. Get a bigger one. Worth the bucks.

    Mine is going on four years now, and other than a few scratches (my fault) and a slightly degraded battery, it’s going strong.

  2. I’m considering getting a bigger one, I’m just waiting for the next iPod to come out. When it does, the actual iPod will probably be a little cheaper.

  3. I’m all about waiting for the iPhone to happen – the iPod is getting to be unfashionably antique, and the phone has not survived as well as the iPod has. Pass iPod onto mother, retire the phone, and get a stylish & amusing gadget for 2/3 the price of replacing both seperately.

  4. Agreed. This is a pain. There’s a post somewhere on MacOSXHints with a script that helps you use a Shuffle for podcasts, but not to the extent that other iPods can handle podcasts. It’s too bad, because to me the Shuffle’s lack of display makes it a good match for Podcasts.

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