shiny new HD-DVD drive

Just bought the xbox360 add-on HD-DVD drive. I was able to get one for 199$cdn – 15$ rebate with a free king kong movie and free king kong game. The quality of the King Movie is realllllllly great. I never saw a prettier image on my tv. This drive is a must, go get one. It comes with a free remote which is a bit longer that the one I already have (I have the X360 special edition that came with a free remote). Compared to the one I already had, the new one have extra buttons for switching the tv channels (0-9 + 100).

Here are the things I noticed:

  • supports both HD-DVD and standard DVD
  • I found no way of adjusting the ‘picture’ setting which is a common feature on many dvd players. This is not a big issue, since you normally have a button on the TV for that purpose
  • Did not find a way to zoom on the image (was a common feature on most dvd players)
  • The speed at which you can play a DVD and a HD-DVD AREN’T the same. On the HDDVD, you have PAUSE,PLAY, x0.5, x2 , x4,x8x,16,x32. You have more control on the speed on a standard DVD. Not a big issue unless you want to see a scene in slow motion.
  • Skipping chapters is slower on a HD movie, skipping on a standard DVD is incredibly fast.

I also bought Sleepy Hollow and MI3. I only had time to check the quality of KingKong and Sleepy Hollow. When watching KK, you definitely notice the superb quality. I was surprised to see three 5.1 soundtracks (including french, yeah!!). Sleepy Hollow’s quality was not on the same level. The movie is older and it shows. It’s not really the fault of the technology, blame it on the master film. If you own it in the DVD format, it’s not worth the upgrade.

The coolest thing about this machine is that the movie playback is done in software. Which means, they can add useful functions as they are needed.

If you like high-def TV, you need this player.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player


~ by lucraymond on November 30, 2006.

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