I’m still not decided if I should focus on XNA. So far, I’ve been able to do a game prototype very rapidly. The documentation is one of the weak point of the current Beta release of XNA . Most of the classes aren’t properly documented. The tutorials are great but when you dig into the reference manual you’re almost on your own. The other weak point for XNA is all the prerequisites you need to run your stuff on another PC. The client needs the latest DX9.0c runtime, the XNA runtime, the Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime and finally your game or application. On a positive note, the X360 joystick support integrated in XNA is very nice.

I think I will take some time to try the Irrlitch SDK (c++). If it works equally well, I will be able to distribute my programs to a broader audience. Irrlitch is supported on Mac,Windows and Linux and it supports DX8.1,DX9 and OpenGL.

stay tuned

Demo showing two distincts ships controlled with a single Xbox 360 controller. Left and right analog sticks were used.


~ by lucraymond on November 23, 2006.

3 Responses to “XNA”

  1. 1. Documentation

    Microsoft has dedicated staff working on the documentation as we speak. You’ll have more docs than you can read on the 11th of December.

    2. Prerequisites

    The prerequisites you list are already installed on 98% of all computers bought during the last half decade. The exception is the XNA Framework, which is a 2 mb download, and you will be allowed to bundle those two megs with your game when you distribute it.

    Ten years ago Microsoft changed the way we play games, by moving us from DOS to Windows with DirectX. Now they are pushing XNA. XNA will be a standard for the coming ten years.

    I’d go with XNA.


  2. Oh, and Irrlicht has a warpper for Managed DirectX, which is completely replaced by XNA. It won’t be long until Irrlicht works with XNA.

  3. Hi Joran, you’re really a true XNA evangelist! I agree that Microsoft will improve the documentation. I believe that that big wave of attention XNA had in the last few months is due to the excellent tutorials and the easiness of the whole solution. Microsoft are usually delivering complete documentation (for completed products).

    I have to disagree when you believe that DX9 is deployed almost everywhere. In the Indiegamers forums, this topic was brought many times and many peoples are sticking to DX7 technologies or software rendering. I don’t think I’ll be aiming at this mark so for me DX8 or up is the way to go.

    On a positive note:
    – all the commercial games are bundling DX9. Dotnet is not a mandatory download on Windows Updates.

    On a negative note:
    – dotnet download is not mandatory
    – many peoples have outdated video drivers.

    still wondering why Microsoft dropped MDX in favor of creating a new API.

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